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Xinfeng industrial co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of fine chemical products.2014, 
Xinfeng established her first a fine chemical enterprise, covers an area of 21000 square meters, 
with automatic production lines, professional production, 
production and sales of surface sizing agent, cationic reagent, emulsifier.
Xinfeng is not satisfied with the excellent performance of slurry and cationic reagents, has established strategic cooperative relations 
with well-known domestic enterprises, and has pushed the latest and mature paper chemical products into domestic and foreign markets.
Xinfeng has a variety of pulp and paper industry chemicals.More and more products including dry strength agent, 
wet strength agent, AKD wax powder, etc., Xinfeng dealing with elastic emulsion, styrene acrylic emulsion,
sodium gluconate, pure acrylic emulsion, AKD emulsion, water-based ink, etc.Exports to Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and other countries.















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