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  • Elastic emulsion
Name:Elastic emulsion
Product Name:Elastic emulsion (flexible emulsion)
Exterior:light yellow slightly
Solid content (wt ):50
Glass temperature (T g):-15℃
PH value (PH):7.5-8.5
Viscosity (mpa.a):500-1500
Residual monomer (bromine value ):1.0
Dilution stability:20 aqueous solution passes
Chemical stability:(5 calcium chloride emulsion) 1:5
mechanical stability:4500r/min half hour through
Extensibility (times):3-5


Flexible emulsion (flexible emulsion) is a self-crosslinking pure acrylic emulsion with various acrylate monomers and multifunctional auxiliaries. It has better elongation and elasticity and resilience,

 strong alkali resistance and aging resistance. It can be used to make elastic putty, elastic coating and sealant.

Elastic emulsion (flexible emulsion) packaging and storage and transportation

Packaging and storage

The packaging is 250kg plastic bucket, 1000kg iron barrel lining or customized according to customer's requirement.

elastic latex emulsion (flexible) should be stored in 5 to 35 ℃ indoor, prevent sun point-blank, avoid long time exposed to the air moisture volatilizes, in case the crust. The storage period is normally half a year.


 elastic emulsion (flexible emulsion) is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, and is not dangerous.