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  • Styrene acrylic emulsion
Name:Styrene acrylic emulsion
pearance::Milk white liquid
Active content,:50
pH Value:7-8


Styrene acrylic emulsion can be widely used in architectural coatings, paper additives, concrete admixture, carbon powder, etc. 

The styrene acrylic emulsion in many aspects, such as water resistance, durability, strength, has a good performance.

 In the architectural coatings: styrene acrylic emulsion used for latex paint, sealant, exterior wall paint, water-based paint, 

etc In the pulp and paper industry: styrene acrylic emulsion used in the process of pulp, coated paper, bond paper.

Concrete industry: the preparation of high performance concrete seal primer, has a certain toughness and impact resistance, 

can effectively prevent moisture and corrosion medium to cement and steel penetration at the grassroots level (especially the polyurea coatings) with finish paint sex good, 

so it is the ideal preparation of concrete sealer emulsion. In the production of carbon powder, joined the styrene acrylic emulsion

Storage and Packaging

Packaging: 200kg/drum, 1000kgs/IBC tank or flexitank

Storage: shady, cool and dry places with temperature 5-30℃ to avoid freezing

Shelf life: 6 months